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The cost of living is going through the roof. The prices of energy, transport, food and housing are all spiralling. 

This is caused by problems in the global supply chain but companies are also raising prices to make a profit. They are banking on people not fighting back. 

This crisis comes after our wages have stagnated since 2010. A decade of austerity and then two years of COVID pandemic have wrecked many people’s lives.

Meanwhile, the number of billionaires in Britain has increased to record levels. It is their greed not that of workers demanding wage rises that are responsible for the situation.

The conservative government is sitting on its hands – it won’t help the majority of us because it wants to protect the interests of business. It is mired in corruption, dodgy contracts for its mates and incompetence.

This is a grassroots campaign to fight back against the cost of living crisis. 

To organise against the cost of living we need to fight for:

  • Immediate wage and state benefits rise to beat inflation
  • Price controls on consumer goods
  • Rent controls
  • A cap on energy bills
  • An end to higher prices for those on prepayment meters
  • Take the energy companies into public ownership and rapidly move them toward renewable energy sources
  • A wealth tax on individuals and corporations

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