Cost of living is giving our communities new fears

There was no issue more pressing on the pre-election doorsteps than the cost of living.

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Editorial by Nancy Fielder

Monday, 9th May 2022, 6:58 am

That was the message from every politician I have spoken to both before and after Thursday’s count.

Families in Sheffield are absolutely terrified about what is coming their way. They don’t know exactly what it will look like and what every day things will costs but they know they will struggle to get through it.

Worse, they don’t see much help at all coming from the few who have the power to make it easier for them.

Bills are playing on everyone’s minds.

The unknown is a scary place and the warnings are dire.

So what is it that is worrying you the most?

Thanks to everyone who has already been in touch with me ahead of our Star readers discussion with new mayor Oliver Coppard today.

Your thoughts are clear and there are certainly big challenges ahead for the everyone in the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority.

Of course, they can’t solve the cost of living crisis and are dependant on central government to finance them well enough to do much at all.

However, it is vital that your mayor understands your situation, which is exactly why this meeting is one of the very first on his agenda.

There is still time, let me know what is worrying you or what is great about this region and what you want to see grow.

We can’t let politicians only make big promises when elections are on their way – now is the time to have your say and put real issues at the top of the to-do-list.

The Star also has a role to play and we take that very seriously.

We will continue to feature ways for you to save money, we will press those in power to take action for those in our most deprived neighbourhoods and we will champion the charities who are there to help you.

These are tough times. We understand our communities because we are part of our communities.

Please keep your thoughts coming on how to fight back against soaring costs and how we can all hope those who are most in need.

Sheffield is the most amazing place to live because of its people. When things aren’t easy, we pull together.

That thought, at least, should make you smile with pride.

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