Food bank charity hands out 13 parcels a SECOND as demand soars in cost of living crisis

The Trussell Trust has voiced its alarm after recording a 50% rise in demand for emergency food parcels compared to pre-pandemic levels, and a 29% increase on last year

By Dave Burke Senior News Reporter

24 Jul 2022, 07:50

Soaring food bank demand saw a charity hand out a staggering 13 emergency food parcels a second in May.

The Trussell Trust has voiced its alarm after recording a 50% rise compared to pre-pandemic levels, and a 29% increase on last year.

In April and May, the national charity gave out 420,000 emergency food parcels across the country, with bosses saying it is “extremely unusual” to be so busy at this time of year.

People are asking for cold food packs as they cannot afford to heat their meals, bosses revealed.

Roxanne Hoyle, one half of chart-topping duo LadBaby – who have raised more than £200,000 for the Trussell Trust – said: “We know people are skipping meals themselves so they can feed their children.

“People are telling us they can’t afford to turn on the appliances to cook certain foods. Hard working people that have jobs and families to feed who can’t afford bills are getting deeper and deeper into debt.

“We know what it’s like to feel powerless because the cost of food and bills is beyond reach – it feels devastating.”

Her partner Mark, who has enjoyed four consecutive Christmas number ones, said: “I set up LadBaby with the intention of trying to spread positivity online and to provide support to young families. At this crucial moment we need to come together to help each othe

“We will be working closely with the Trussell Trust to do whatever we can to bring direct help and advice to people that need it most.”

Volunteer Ben Pennell, 38, was referred to a food bank in Warrington last year after losing his job and being made homeless. Although his financial situation is more stable now, he is worried about the unfolding crisis.

He said: “The current cost of living crisis means bills and food prices are soaring and I am seriously worried I will need to use the food bank again. As a single person I’m just managing on social security now, but with everything going up it’s not easy.

“As a volunteer at the food bank, I can see how hard the current situation is for families and we see people from all walks of life coming in as things get harder and harder for everyone.”

The Trussell Trust’s boss says the government must prioritise ongoing support for those struggling with the cost of living.

Chief executive Emma Revie said a £15bn package announced by former Chancellor Rishi Sunak is welcome, but said investment is needed “every day”.

She said: “These figures are extremely concerning – this issue must be a priority for the new Chancellor. No one should be forced to use a food bank to survive.

“We welcomed the government’s recent announcement of a £15bn package to support people though this cost of living crisis. It was the right thing to do using the social security system to support people on the very lowest incomes who are desperately struggling to make ends meet.

“To end the need for food banks, this support cannot be a one-off. We need Nadim Zahawi to invest in our social security system not just in times of national crisis, but every day.”

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